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I never had a strong desire to travel. My mother always wanted to see the world and that compelled me to take her on a trip for her birthday. I have now travelled to many countries including England, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Turkey, and South Africa. Much to my surprise, I have loved travelling. It has been an incredible experience.

Travelling to places, such as the Eiffel Tower, that I have seen in pictures and on television my entire life, has given me a sense of awe. Traveling has also allowed me to learn and gain a much greater understanding of the different customs and ways of life that exist in the world. The richness of differences in personal experiences is much clearer after having traveled.

I would encourage everyone to travel overseas. It is not as expensive as you might think and if you have only experienced the United States, it will be a pleasant surprise. A journey overseas is easier than you might think and can be made affordable. With only a six-hour flight from New York to London, traveling overseas is easier than ever. To afford travel, take trips in the tourism off-season and utilize credit card points. Further, look into promotions and deals being offered by airlines, train lines, or travel agencies. Traveling overseas provides incredible experiences and I would encourage everyone to try to do it at least once.