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Everyone should consider becoming a volunteer. Volunteerism is an incredibly powerful act with tremendous benefits, not just for the recipients, but as much, or more, for the actual volunteer. Volunteering boosts self-esteem and provides the natural sense of accomplishment that comes from helping others. Volunteering also provides an excellent opportunity to build relationships – personal and professional – by connecting like-minded people. Further, volunteering offers the chance to acquire and develop new skills and abilities.

Volunteering has an immense social impact. Volunteers in the United States contribute between $113 and $161 billion worth of services annually. But, more important than the monetary value is the qualitative value of volunteerism. Volunteers help bridge the gaps between governments, businesses and organizations, and people. Volunteerism creates more cohesive communities and delivers public goods and services that improve the quality of life.

Anyone can volunteer. There are opportunities to match any volunteer’s needs, including working from home if limiting factors exist. Further, volunteer opportunities cover a very wide range of skills, talents, and abilities, allowing anyone a chance to get involved with volunteerism in some way. The most important thing is to pursue opportunities that the volunteer is passionate about. This maximizes impact and provides a quality volunteer experience.