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My Military

My Father
My father, Albert Kennedy, joined the Air Force in 1955. I was born eleven years later in 66’ on Westover Air Force Base in Massachusetts. I spent all of my youth living on or around a military base with most of that time being in San Antonio, Texas. To say that the military had a huge influence on me would be an understatement. I have very fond memories of my time spent on Randolph Air Force Base. As a young boy, I thought everyone put on a uniform and went to work, so I’d ask my mom for my uniform.

My father was a 21 year veteran of the Air Force, in which time he served during the Vietnam War. The war definitely impacted my father; he never discussed it with us, but according to my mom he was never the same upon his return. Hence, I have the utmost respect for our men and women in uniform as many of them place themselves in harm’s way for our freedom.

Soldiers from Ft. Sam Houston for Thanksgiving 12’
In honor of my father, I commit my time to facilitating the transition of veterans into civilian services. By closely working with and training both current and former members of the Armed Forces, I hope to ease some of the career tensions and struggles that often accompany post-military life. I definitely understand the challenges military families face.

If my father were alive, he would be very proud of how I have chosen to honor him.