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Multiculturalism is the idea that people from all cultures should have a seat at the table and a voice in the debate. Diversity in the twenty-first century requires a dedication not only to a demographic shift as far as race and ethnicity is concerned, but also the importance of establishing an environment that is sensitive to and appreciative of the various constituent cultures that make up all aspects of the community. Promotion of cultural inclusion inevitably leads to a heightened sense of camaraderie and community responsibility by redefining differences - rather than obstacles to cohesion they are the building blocks of understanding and tolerance. The impact of differences on community is only heightened as we shift from a local to a global community. With easy connectivity through technology and media, access to varied cultural perspectives has increased, allowing for the consideration and resolution of problems in new and innovative ways. Prejudiced, isolationist views that are founded on ideals of exclusion and discrimination are weights that will keep us rooted in a stagnant past and prevent us from stepping into the rapidly-evolving and progressively more diverse future. Join me in my mission to promote an environment in which all cultures are welcome and appreciated for their own merits, united by a common goal of prosperity and harmony.


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