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We all have such a great opportunity to give both our time and resources to our communities. Strong communities are created by generous people. I am personally committed to giving back to those around me, to making a difference. Thus, I have started several initiatives in order to do so. Get involved by partaking in --

College Tour
This initiative is meant to educate, encourage, challenge and prepare college students for their future professional careers.


Center for Community Leadership
Is an organization committed to building community leaders.


Encourage To Achieve Program
It is a program that encourages sixth grade students to achieve their highest potential.


Kennedy Foundation
Is a Foundation that seeks to serve people in need in the Houston community.


Youth Diversity Leadership Institute
Is a summer program in partnership with Rice University that seeks to help kids prepare for their futures through education and training.



If you or your organization would like to be involved in any of these programs outreach, please contact me directly at [email protected].  I am always looking for people and resource to help me better our communities.